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CoolRevolution co-founder showcases expanded cooling, breathable sleepwear line

Two years ago, Laura Musall, CoolRevolution cofounder, joined us back when her company was fairly new, and now, wow! It’s surely expanded!

She joined us Monday on “Life.Style.Live!” to share what’s new with the brand, what makes their products unique, what she’s learned as an entrepreneur and more.

About CoolRevolution:

CoolRevolution sleepwear was inspired by a lot of sweat! In the midst of perimenopause, Fishers Realtor Laura Musall woke up one more very cold morning a few years ago drenched in sweat. She did what lots of women would do and complained via text to some girlfriends. Instead of continuing to complain, she and long-time friend Mindy Ford, decided to do something about it. They designed sleepwear that makes them feel good, look good and sleep better. They designed PJs at Laura’s dining room table focusing on real women’s bodies. They launched CoolRevolution in 2019, and have expanded their sleepwear line, which they sell online at They’ve been featured on “Life.Style.Live!” and publications, such as Real Simple, Forbes, Women’s World, USA Today and more. Their PJs have become popular with women who are hot sleepers, because of the luxurious bamboo fabric, and the comfortable design. 

For more information, visit: 

FB: @CoolPJs 

IG: CoolRevolution