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Covenant Christian High School celebrates 25th Anniversary, switches up annual “Gone Servin'” event

A local high school celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year has had to make a lot of changes to participate in one of the school community’s beloved yearly events.

This morning we were joined by Dr. Andy Goodwin, CEO/principal, Covenant Christian High School, Kara Whitney, student, Covenant Christian High School and Bethany Wininger, former student/current director of strategic planning & engagement, Wheeler Mission. They explained to us how they’re still serving this year, but in a different way.

Here’s more from Covenant Christian High School:

Covenant Christian High School is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.  This is the reason we are working to create awareness about our school.

April 27th is a yearly event at Covenant we call Gone Servin’.  It’s where the entire school, including students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni go out and serve in the community.  In the past, we’ve visited as many as 20+ locations on the same day (such as non-profits and other community organizations) to donate time (and sometimes sweat) to help with projects.

This year, we were not going to let what’s happening in the world stop our efforts to make a day about serving others, so we have changed it this year to Gone Servin’ The Family.  We will focus our efforts on finding ways to serve others important to us while maintaining the guidelines required during this time.

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