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Creating easy Gluten-free meals from picnics to a big team dinner

Jennifer Wiese, owner of BeeFree gluten free bakery shares tips for creating gluten-free meals for everything from picnics to a big team dinner. Jennifer stresses using fresh, whole foods in every day cooking and the ease of making gluten free foods taste delicious.

Keep it simple. Look for quality ingredients that are as close to nature as possible.”

For a gluten free picnic a simple trail mix with ingredients you’ve added to the BeeFree Warrior Mix like cashews, chocolate candies, and dried Cranberries. There ar no rules…add in your favorites. Put it in a bag and you can snack on your hike.

Make some Deli Roll up, Fruit kabobs and Snicker Doodle cookies

Spice up a Team Dinner with Chicken wings made with a homemade spicy rub mix, some fresh fruit, tatter tots, some BeeFree cookies, and chocolate milk.

Try this simple gluten free Spicy rub mix:

1 c brown sugar

2 T chili powder

2T dry mustard

2T onion powder

2T garlic powder

2T cayenne powder

2T kosher salt

2T ground pepper

Mix up, rub on any type of meat or poultry. Also makes a delicious seasoning for vegetables. Store extra in airtight container to spark up your next meal.

For more information check out their webstie at and follow them at BeeFreegf on Twitter and Facebook