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Creating Style with Colton: Golf fashion trends feat. PXG

(WISH Photo)

Welcome to “Creating Style with Colton,” where we dive into the world of golf fashion and equipment. In this segment, our host, Colton Howard, sits down with Mark Nance, PXG Indianapolis Store Manager, and Kayla Nance, PXG Model, to explore some fascinating aspects of golf apparel and equipment. One essential question they discuss is the importance of considering the material in your golf apparel before heading to the links. PXG emphasizes performance and comfort in their golf clothing, ensuring golfers feel their best during their game. Another exciting topic they delve into is the GEN6 Driver Challenge, an exciting event happening throughout August. PXG is known for creating some of the world’s finest golf clubs, and they are inviting golfers to experience the latest GEN6 Drivers, designed to elevate their game to new heights. Lastly, Colton and the guests discuss the significance of being properly fitted for golf clubs instead of purchasing them “off the shelf.”

PXG’s mission is to make high-quality golf clubs, accessories, and apparel accessible to everyone, and personalized club fitting ensures golfers get the most out of their equipment. PXG’s newest location in Indianapolis, situated across from Castleton Square Mall, offers the perfect place for Hoosier golfers to explore and schedule their fitting. Additionally, the show will feature stunning men’s and women’s golf apparel on display, as well as PXG’s top-of-the-line GEN6 Drivers, showcasing the latest in golf technology and style. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting, “Creating Style with Colton” is your go-to guide for all things golf fashion and equipment.