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Creating Style with Colton Howard: J. Benzal keeps you staying and looking cool

Get ready for some style inspiration on today’s “Creating Style” with host Colton Howard and special guest Ben Diallo, owner/designer of J.Benzal. This segment is all about showcasing fashion and providing tips for looking cool while staying cool during the summer season.

Colton wore a stylish suit from J.Benzal, while Ben brought in clothes and cologne from his shop to display and demonstrate.

During the segment, Ben walked us through his outfit of the day, providing insights into his style choices and highlighting the unique features of his attire. Our hosts gained valuable fashion inspiration from this discussion.

(WISH Photo)

Colton and Ben also discussed tricks for staying cool while still looking cool during the summer. With the sweltering heat, it’s important to find ways to dress comfortably without sacrificing style. Ben shared his expertise and offered tips and tricks to help viewers beat the heat while maintaining their fashion game.

J.Benzal prides itself on fine Italian craftsmanship, attention to detail, and personalized tailoring to create truly unique garments for each customer.

To learn more about J.Benzal and schedule a fitting, viewers can visit the website or contact the store directly.

Be prepared, because you’ll gain valuable fashion insights, discover new styling techniques, and have the opportunity to create your own personalized looks with J.Benzal’s custom-made service. So get ready to elevate your style game and make a statement with “Creating Style”!