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Creating Style with Colton: No Rivals Studios

Colton Howard, the charismatic host of “Creating Style with Colton,” was joined by Jaelin Phillips, the talented designer and CEO of No Rivals Studios. As they delve into the world of fashion and style, Jaelin showcases some of his remarkable designs, including the Spring23 “Tattered” Balaclava face mask, the “Tattered hoodie” and “Night Owl” vegan leather trench coat, and the Summer23 “Knit set” and “Cutoff set.” They also discuss the upcoming Summer23 tour merch and the Fall23 “Coven” denim jacket. Jaelin, known for styling and designing costumes for A-list celebrities in hip-hop and Hollywood, provides insights into the inspiration behind his creations.

Amidst their engaging conversation, Jaelin sheds light on The Mind & No Rivals Studios, a project that holds a special place in his heart. He explains the purpose behind this endeavor and how viewers can benefit from it, particularly in terms of engaging with new audiences and expanding their creative horizons. As the segment draws to a close, the hosts inquire about Jaelin’s future plans and how viewers can get in contact with him or shop his designs, ensuring that interested individuals have all the necessary information to connect and explore his incredible work.

With No Rivals Studios’ commitment to creative excellence and Jaelin’s ability to infuse sophistication into every garment, fashion enthusiasts and creatives alike are in for a treat. The blend of unique designs, sustainable materials, and the pursuit of furthering skills and craft makes No Rivals Studios a brand worth exploring. To catch more of Jaelin’s work and stay updated on his latest creations, viewers can visit the No Rivals Studios website and Instagram page. Additionally, a special discount code, “CREATE,” provides a 15% discount on purchases made at the No Rivals Studios online shop.