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Creating Style with Colton: StitchWorks offering industrial sewing classes

StitchWorks, a prominent sewing education and production facility, is making a significant impact in the Midwest community. Offering a range of short-term sewing classes and trades courses, StitchWorks stands out as a small-batch production and product development center catering to local designers and entrepreneurs in the sewn goods industry. With a unique focus on community sewing classes utilizing industrial sewing machines, StitchWorks provides an unparalleled learning experience. Their goal is to transform lives through sewing by bridging the gap in manufacturing resources and education.

StitchWorks has exciting events lined up for the summer, including Designer Next Door Pop-Ups featuring Micah Horne, the designer of Humage*. They also offer Saturday classes covering topics such as industrial sewing, alterations basics, and basic construction.

By offering both educational programming and production services, StitchWorks supports aspiring talent, entrepreneurs, and local businesses, striving to empower individuals through the art of sewing. With their dedication to accessible resources and skill development, StitchWorks continues to make a lasting impact in the sewing community.