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Culinary Bootcamp: Chef Tawana Gulley and TeenWorks

Culinary Bootcamp: Chef Tawana Gulley and TeenWorks

Chef Tawana Gulley from Healthy Soul at the AMP at 16 Tech is making a big difference this summer.

She is giving students opportunities she didn’t have while growing up.

By partnering with TeenWorks, she is offering a Culinary Bootcamp.

In this boot camp, students learn important culinary skills like food handling, knife skills, and customer service.

The program started earlier this month and will continue for the next few weeks. If you are interested in learning more or getting involved in the future, there is still time.

Now in its second year, the Culinary Art Summer Bootcamp in Indianapolis has changed many young lives.

The program aims to teach young people essential culinary skills, educate them about the food industry, and promote health and wellness in their communities.

During the boot camp, participants learn to prepare tasty and healthy meals.

They also learn the importance of proper food handling and good customer service.

The program covers topics like entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and the lack of healthy food options in urban areas.

This helps students not only improve their cooking skills but also develop responsibility and independence.

Chef Tawana Gulley and TeenWorks are showing students a path to a better future through cooking, learning, and caring for their community.