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Cumaco Arepa House bringing Venezuelan flavor to the Midwest

Cumaco is making a second appearance on our show, and this time they are bringing another representative dish from their rich culinary culture: “Cachapa.” As a family company specializing in “Arepas” and fillings, Cumaco has been a beacon of flavor and tradition. The business, which opened just a week before the pandemic hit, has faced numerous challenges, but its determination to provide delicious food and promote the diversity of Hispanic cuisine has never wavered.

In this segment, Orlando, the owner of Cumaco, is joined by his daughter Camila, who has been immersed in the family business from a very young age, just like her two brothers who also work alongside them. Through their appearance, Cumaco aims to showcase the wide array of food options beyond just Mexican cuisine, as they proudly present the flavors of Venezuela, diversifying the culinary landscape in the most delightful way possible. Don’t miss this exciting segment highlighting the wonders of Cumaco’s authentic and mouthwatering offerings!

(WISH Photo)