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Darren Andrews gives Tracy a tour of the PAI Medical Group facility

Indy Style’s own Tracy Forner got to take a tour of PAI Medical Group of Indiana’s facility this week with Clinic Director Darren Andrews. PAI is the largest hair restoration facility in Indiana and the entire Mid-West! You name it, and they do it when it comes to hair restoration at PAI.

The first stop on the tour was a look at the ARTAS™ Robotic FUE hair transplant system. This is the most technologically advanced hair transplantation system of its type in the world! It provides an incredible level of accuracy, precision, and reproducibility.   The ARTAS and PAI’s proprietary procedure Mulit-Unit Hair Grafting ™ are only available at PAI in Indiana.

The next stop was the private confidential laser treatment rooms where clients can come in and have Laser Hair Therapy done in complete isolation. Wouldn’t you know it we ran into Don Stuck from Fox Sports 97.5’s Stuck & Gunner! Don Stuck had this to say about the Laser Hair Therapy: “This is my quiet time. I come in here twice a week, close the door, put on the shades, and read the phone.” This therapy is great for speeding growth, strengthening existing hair, or for use in the beginning stages of hair loss to stop it in its tracks. Laser Hair Therapy in addition to PRP, is helping Don’s hair is growing back faster than he expected.

Up next were post transplant services. Did you know you can even get a haircut at PAI? Well you can, and we ran into Stuck’s partner Gunner, from Q95 and Fox Sports 97.5, who was doing just that! At PAI they truly treat you like a VIP throughout the entire patient experience. They understand that hair loss is a sensitive issue for a lot of guys and they are there for you the entire way. Gunner’s hair HAS grown back and now he loves getting his hair cut and styled at PAI.

The final stop was in the consultation room to see a follow up. PAI uses high tech microscopes to look at your hair and scalp at a follicular level to be able to see how each strand is doing. This allows them to know exactly how to best help your specific condition and which solution will benefit you most. Best of all, PAI guarantees their work, so you can rest at ease knowing that you WILL get results.

If you’re experiencing hair loss, you need to give PAI Medical Group of Indiana a call 888-724-5129 or visit them online at!