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Delicious homemade salsa from Poole Mill Produce and Market Wagon

George Mallet said it best, this homemade salsa is “the best salsa ever in the free world!” While that might be tricky to prove, it’s the local, fresh ingredients that make this salsa stand out from the rest. Susannah Slabaugh, Co-owner of Poole Mill Produce, joined us today to make the salsa.

Slabaugh said the secrets to the salsa’s flavor are using fresh, ripe tomatoes and adding cilantro for taste. The full list of ingredients include red and orange tomatoes, onions, cilantro, spices, and whatever else is in season, like green peppers or sweet corn. The tomatoes on Slabaugh’s farm are grown in a greenhouse without pesticides.

Local produce like the tomatoes at Poole Mill Produce is available for purchase and delivery across Indiana through Market Wagon. Nick Carter, CEO and Co-founder of Market Wagon, let us know that Market Wagon delivers to every home in a 19-county region of Central Indiana including Lafayette, Kokomo, Muncie, Columbus and Bloomington every Tuesday and Thursday. And whether you buy one item or one hundred items from different farmers, the delivery fee is a flat $6.95.

You can browse the 3,600+ local foods from 190+ farmers on Market Wagon here.

For a full look at the Market Wagon delivery map click here.