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Different ways to make asparagus with the Produce Moms

Are you ready for this fruity adventure with The Produce Moms! We’re diving headfirst into the vibrant world of summer fruits and veggies. So grab your apron and prepare your taste buds for a sensational journey.

In our first segment, we’re exploring the wonders of Michigan asparagus. Did you know that asparagus comes in green and purple varieties? It’s like nature’s way of adding a splash of color to your plate! Lori Taylor, The Produce Mom herself, will guide us through three mouthwatering ways to enjoy this delightful vegetable. Whether you prefer it grilled, air-fried, or braised to perfection, we’ve got you covered. Prepare to elevate your asparagus game to new heights!

Moving on to segment two, we’re diving into the realm of stone fruits. Brace yourself for a dessert extravaganza with a delectable Stone Fruit Almond Tart. Can you imagine the delicate sweetness of ripe peaches and plums nestled in a buttery almond crust? It’s a slice of heaven you won’t want to miss. But that’s not all! We’ll also tantalize your senses with a Grilled Peach Salad. Picture juicy grilled peaches mingling with fresh greens, goat cheese, and a zesty vinaigrette. This salad is a summer sensation that will leave you craving more.

As we wrap up this fruity fiesta, take a moment to appreciate the abundance of nature’s bounty. Summer brings forth a vibrant array of fruits and veggies, each with its own unique flavors and textures. So why not experiment in the kitchen and create your own fruity masterpieces? Let your imagination run wild, and don’t forget to share your culinary adventures with The Produce Moms community.

Remember, folks, there’s no better time than now to indulge in the goodness of seasonal produce. So go out there, grab those asparagus spears and stone fruits, and let the summer flavors dance on your palate. Happy cooking, and cheers to a fruitful summer!