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Drink of the Week: Michelle Wine Estates & Maker’s Mark

Drink of the week

In our “Drink of the Week” segment, we have two exciting choices lined up for you.

First up, we explored Maker’s Mark 46 as a great bourbon to enjoy in Manhattan this holiday season.

Being the world’s first premium bourbon is something taken very seriously by Maker’s Mark, handcrafted with quality top of mind for three generations.

Maker’s Mark is a wheat bourbon, balanced without a bite. It is Handmade in Kentucky and enjoyed in Indiana.

Then, we shifted our focus to Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and explored why a wine from Washington is such a standout.

We discussed the unique characteristics of the region, the winery’s heritage, and why it’s an ideal location for cultivating wine, particularly Riesling.

Exploring the misconception that all Rieslings are sweet wines, tune in to learn a detailed description of the wine’s flavors and aromas, highlighting its versatility.

Of course, we wrapped up the segment with a tasting! Tune into the full interview above to hear our thoughts!