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Dueling Pianos with Baby Grand Entertainment takes center stage at Feinstein’s

Carmel is set to host a remarkable evening of musical delight with Dueling Pianos, presented by Baby Grand Entertainment. This unique show puts the audience in control, allowing them to choose their favorite songs, artists, genres, and eras while the talented musicians bring those selections to life on stage.

Explore the innovative design process and introduce the skilled musicians who will be performing alongside Baby Grand Entertainment.

Feinstein’s presentation of Dueling Pianos with Baby Grand Entertainment promises an unforgettable, interactive experience suitable for the whole family. Attendees can expect a night filled with singing, laughter, and the possibility of stepping onto the stage for a truly memorable moment.

For more information and ticket reservations, visit or contact the box office directly. Prepare to immerse yourself in an extraordinary night of entertainment with Dueling Pianos.