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Enjoy live music, food, and more at Big Woods Restaurants

Katie Mae Richardson, representing Big Woods Restaurants and Hard Truth Distillery, joined us to showcase the mixology kit set and some bottles of Hard Truth spirits.

During the segment, she prepared the signature Hard Truth Indiana Peach Rye Highball cocktail, which is served at all Big Woods locations.

Big Woods Restaurants is more than just a chain of eateries; it offers an experience rooted in warmth, accessibility, and a sense of adventure.

The brand has cultivated a community where everyone is welcome, and a spirit of common goodness prevails.

Headquartered in Brown County, Indiana, Big Woods Restaurants serves nearly one million guests annually across the state. Presently, there are seven Big Woods restaurants located in Nashville, Bloomington, Speedway, Franklin, Edinburgh, Noblesville, and Indianapolis.

The restaurant group manages food and beverage operations at two Hard Truth bars in Indianapolis and the Hard Truth Distilling Co. destination campus in Brown County.

Big Woods Restaurants is part of the BWQOHT, Inc. brand family, which includes Quaff ON! Brewing Co. and Hard Truth Distilling Co. These entities work together to offer a comprehensive experience for guests, from delicious food and drinks to a destination dedicated to the craft of distilling. For more information, individuals can visit the website at

To stay connected and up-to-date with Big Woods Restaurants and Hard Truth Distillery, interested individuals can follow @bigwoodsrestaurants on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. These platforms provide an interactive way to engage with the brand and stay informed about news, events, and delicious offerings.