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Entertaining outdoors? Here’s how to take care of your outdoor air conditioning unit

Landscaping and outdoor entertaining

Renee Lucas, the owner of LCS Heating & Cooling, joined “Life.Style.Live!” to discuss some essential tips and talking points regarding outdoor spaces and air conditioning units.

One common concern homeowners have is how to landscape around their AC units. Lucas advises keeping shrubs and plants at a safe distance from the AC unit to ensure proper airflow and prevent any potential damage. It’s crucial to maintain a clear space around the unit for it to operate efficiently.

Another issue to consider is the presence of animals near the AC unit. Small animals like rodents and squirrels can cause harm by chewing through wires or nesting inside the unit. It’s important to take precautions and protect the AC unit from these potential hazards.

Lucas also emphasizes the importance of keeping the area around the AC unit tidy. Debris, leaves, and other obstructions can hinder the unit’s performance. Regularly cleaning and removing any debris will help maintain optimal airflow and improve the efficiency of the system.

Lucas also mentions that pet urine can be harmful to air conditioning units. When pets urinate near the outdoor unit, the urine can corrode the metal components and affect its overall performance. Pet owners should be mindful of this and prevent their pets from urinating in the vicinity of the AC unit.

Additionally, Lucas addresses the common concern of AC noise. For those seeking a quieter solution, she suggests considering inverter systems. These systems are designed to operate more quietly compared to traditional AC units, providing a more peaceful outdoor environment.

Lucas emphasized that it is crucial to take proper care of your outdoor spaces and air conditioning units. Following these tips from LCS Heating & Cooling will help ensure that your AC unit functions optimally and provides a comfortable environment for your outdoor entertaining needs.

For more information on how to stay comfortable year-round, visit the LCS Heating & Cooling website.