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Experience the vibrant tapestry of WAMMfest: where community and celebration converge

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Join us for an extraordinary journey into the heart of WAMMfest, a vibrant event brought to life by the dedicated volunteers of the Sertoma Club of Greenwood and presented by the Ray Skillman Automotive Group. WAMMfest encapsulates the essence of Wine, Art, Music, and Microbrew, creating an unparalleled festival experience that promises something for everyone.

With Russ Dodge, the driving force behind WAMM Fest, on camera, viewers are in for an exciting show-and-tell session that brings the event’s magic to life. Dive into the offerings of WAMMfest through the lens of participating vendors who will display captivating props, igniting anticipation for this year’s festivities. Beyond the captivating showcase, Russ Dodge is poised to answer the key questions on everyone’s mind: What to expect from WAMMfest this year? The event is more than just a celebration—it’s a driving force for local community development. Discover how 100% of the net proceeds directly contribute to the community’s betterment and gain insight into the remarkable journey of giving back, as WAMMfest gears up to hit the $1 million milestone in net ticket sales this year. And for those near and far, explore the details of ticket pricing and availability, with the added perk of free entry for children aged 12 and under.

WAMMfest isn’t just an event; it’s an embodiment of community spirit. From the delightful blend of Indiana wine to the art fair boasting 65 talented artists, from the tunes that infuse the air to the craft microbrews that tantalize taste buds—WAMMfest is a symphony of culture, creativity, and collaboration. It’s also a testament to the Sertoma Club of Greenwood’s unwavering dedication to supporting local nonprofit organizations striving for the advancement of education, public safety, the arts, volunteer services, and more. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of WAMMfest, where unity, artistry, and enjoyment seamlessly merge. For more information, visit and