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Farmers Markets make the world go round!

You can complain about the July heat if you choose, but Indiana heat accompanies the opening of Indiana farmers’ markets. On a recent super-heated and sun-splashed day, we paid a visit to the original Indianapolis Farmers Market in the shadow of City Market. We found farmers and consumers living the buy local, farm-to-table lifestyle.

Dean Fallis of Bloomer’s Greenhouse in Broad Ripple was doing a brisk business selling daisies, ornamental grasses, Russian sage and so much more.

“That’s what my whole business is, is going to farmers’ markets,” said Fallis as he showed off his brilliant flowers. “Do seven a week!”

Not far from Fallis, Van Antwerp’s Farm Market had people lined up to buy some of their bright, red tomatoes the color of bold, new roses.

“They’re sweet,” said Megan Ritz of Van Antwerp’s Farm Market as she stood behind a table covered with dark, red tomatoes. They’re all homegrown. It’s one of the best tomatoes you’ll ever taste. We grow them in a greenhouse. Ritz went on to say her tomatoes are reminiscent of the garden tomatoes our parents grew and we all ate as children.

Bill Perry was among those lined up to get a few of the Van Antwerp maters.

“I come here for these great tomatoes these guys have,” he said as he held a bag full of the delightful fruit. “They’re fresh. They’re Indiana-grown. They’re all homegrown!”

From My Dad’s Sweet Corn to the tomatoes from Van Antwerp’s Farm Market, the produce at our city’s original farmers’ market is unfailingly fresh, affordable, and in abundance. The availability of such fine produce makes the concept of farm-to-table living a very achievable reality!”