Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Home improvement projects you can do with dad

Father’s Day is coming, and what’s a better gift than one that provide time together with dad? Kathryn Emery, 20-year home improvement & lifestyle expert, joined us today with some great project ideas! Here’s more from her:

What’s a tool related gift idea?

Get Dad into a great line of tools, that all share on battery, combo kits but also tools all over the house – and choose a project to do with him using those tools!

What’s a Project You Can Do with Dad with these Tools?

Hart has some great projects plans on their website – Kathryn will talk through how to make a Taco Stand. 

What’s something to Relax with Dad?

Set up some misters for Dad to relax around the house with him, four to choose from

How about the man cave?

Get the garage organized for Dad, get all of his tools, sports equipment, beach chairs, bikes off the ground and onto the wall so that the man cave is clear for fun and activities!

You can find more from Kathryn at the links below: