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Fern Fowler’s life, legacy and 84 years of friendship

Fern Fowler’s Legacy

Do you have a best friend? How often do you talk to them? For the majority of Fern Fowler’s 100 years of life, she talked to her best friend Ann every day.

“How you doing?” said Fowler when she described how her daily phone calls would start with Ann. “Make sure to stay in touch with each other.”

Life shouldn’t get too busy for those you love and that’s the message Fowler hoped to send by going on Life Style Live back in April. She wanted to talk about the book she wrote for Ann titled “84 years of friendship” she also planned to celebrate her 100th birthday on the show.

Unfortunately, she was unable to come to the studio due to a fall.

Host and Content Creator Kayla Sullivan visited Fowler’s home to bring the cake we were going to surprise her with and ask a few pre interview questions. Luckily, Kayla recorded her responses that day and used them for a memorial report. She had hoped to reschedule a more in depth interview but Fowler passed away on October 24.

In her book, she described how she met Ann, what they used to do for fun, their marriages and family vacations.

Many of them with some comic relief about swimming in her underwear, sleeping in their car and eating fried spam sandwiches. Sullivan described it as the most endearing book she’s ever read.

Fern named her daughter Ann and ended the book listing their children, grandchildren, great and great great grandchildren.

Ann, 101, is still living but suffers from dementia. Her daughter told Sullivan that Ann loves to read the book Fern wrote for her. She does it often.

If you’d like to pay your respects to Fern Fowler and her family, the details of the services can be found here.