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Film Yap takes a look at this weeks biggest films including The Longest Ride

Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd takes at look at what’s playing in Indy this week.  There are some good stuff out right now but mostly little movies as we build up to the big time summer block buster season.

The Longest Ride starring Scott Eastwood (yep…that’s Clint’s son)

This based on a Nicholas Sparks book…there has been a whole stream of these movies over the last 10 or 12  years…I think this is the best one since The Notebook.

While We’re Young

 It’s very funny but also very thoughtful…I think this is [director] Noah Baumbach’s best movie to date…highly recommend this one.

Woman in Gold starring Helen Mirren

True story…Looks very interesting.”

Hunting Ground

Very topical documentary about rape on and sexual assualt on college campuses…more about the backlash that these women are facing on campus. “

Wild Tales – Oscar nominated film from last year for best foreign language film

Six different stories all about rage and revenge..highly recommended foreign film.”

Check out Bob Bloom’s review on The Film Yap for more.

Seymour: An Introduction – documentary directed by Ethan Hawke

About a famous concert pianist who gave up his career right in his prime to become a private teacher.”

New video release

A Most Violent Year – Stream It

Great cast…well made.”

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