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Finding Faith with Randy Ollis: Learning about Transcendental Meditation

The Transcendental Meditation technique is a simple, natural, effortless mental technique practiced morning and evening, founded in the 1950s by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Over 10 million people have learned it worldwide, and about 10,000 here in Indiana since 1969.

TM provides deep rest for the mind and the body. Over 675 research studies have shown a wide range of benefits for mind, body, and behavior from the twice-daily practice. 

Paul Wilson, certified instructor of Transcendental Meditation joined us Tuesday on “Life.Style.Live!” to share more about this practice. Here’s more from him:
Q. Is TM a religion? 
A. Though not a religion itself, TM is universally supportive to all religions. The word religion means to bind back to the source. All people of faith seek greater peace, purity, and innocence, and this simple system of deep meditation takes the mind within to the source of thought, a wellspring of energy, intelligence, and happiness—the kingdom of heaven within—and we come out better able to enjoy and appreciate the gift of life. 
Q. How does one learn TM? 

A. The technique is taught by certified instructors over four days, with meetings that run about 90 minutes to two hours each. Anyone interested can attend a free introductory talk to learn what TM is and isn’t and the steps to learn. Look up Transcendental Meditation Indianapolis to find our website where you can sign up for a talk. 
Q. How did you start? 
A. I began at age 13 and have meditated for 46 years. At a young age, I desired enlightenment. 
Q. Can anyone learn this? 
A. Yes. If you can think—everyone can think—you can experience the source of thought deep inside, which is called in religion the kingdom of heaven within. 

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