First Friday art exhibit, ‘Hip Hop Anthology Vol. 2’ spotlights hip-hop culture, fashion, more

Hop Anthology Vol. 2 is a visual narration influenced by Hip-Hop Culture, Music, Fashion, Film, Literature, Lifestyle, Politics, Social Commentary and the Voice of the Underdog. This art exhibit, curated by Gary Gee, painter and sculptor who joined us today. It will be on display June 1st to the 30th at Central Library.

Gary began his career in graphic design with an associate’s degree in visual communications, then received his BFA from Herron School of Art & Design in 2016 which allowed him to move his work into a more self-expressive form. He is a painter and a sculptor creating works on canvas and ceramic sculpture, often using non-traditional substrates and an incongruous mix of different media. His work references urban street art, art history, and hip hop culture. Gary describes his work as very “take-charge” with loud, aggressive, and vibrant riffs that pour from his heart and soul.

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