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Fitness app regulates screen time

Andrew Armour, Founder & CEO, Activate Fitness started developing his Activate Fitness app four years ago. Now it may greatly come in handy for parents looking to limit the screen time of their kids who are home now more than ever. He share more about the story of his app and its many uses below:

With the Coronavirus forcing children out of school and the government promoting “social distancing,” parents without work or working from home are facing the obstacle of managing screen time for their children. Activate Fitness is a technology that allows Parents to remotely regulate their families screen time dependent on reaching physical activity goals. Example: Every time my daughter takes 1,000 Steps, Activate Fitness will automatically reward my daughter’s device with 5 minutes of earned screen time.

Current parental control/screen time management apps force the parent into always having to play the “bad cop” role by controlling when and if a child has screen time available. With Activate Fitness, screen time management is now placed in the hands of the child. If a child wants screen time, then it won’t be given, it will be earned through reaching physical activity goals defined by the Parent.

Activate Fitness is 100% free to download and use. My mission is to inspire families to regulate a healthy amount of screen time while promoting physical activity. We are fighting obesity and device addiction through technology.  Allowing users to control their access to screens based upon customized fitness goals.

I put myself in my customers shoes when looking to download a screen time management app like Activate Fitness. I wouldn’t spend $10 per month to curb my device addiction or to force myself to workout/be active, but I would definitely try it out if the app was Free. My hope is that once people give Activate Fitness a chance, then my technology will become a part of each family’s daily routine. I truly hope people using my app are not only satisfied with the product, but I hope my technology positively impacts their life in some way.

The Android version of Activate Fitness is amazing! It is packed with great features and allows users to sync their Fitbit wearable to earn screen time based on activity tracked by your Fitbit. Google is much more “developer friendly” and iOS is much more restrictive when it comes to the ability for companies like mine to develop necessary features. The iOS version I offer has a few limitations that are due to Apple restrictions in which I have zero control over unfortunately, so please understand that these limitations are out of my control.

This app was built for a parent to control a child’s device, but you can install Activate Fitness on your own device. If most Parents are honest with themselves, then they will be able to recognize that their children aren’t the only ones that have a tendency of overusing their devices. I can honestly say that I waste multiple hours per week, lost in my phone scrolling through pointless social media. My own app has helped me curb my addiction to limit my time spent on my phone and more time with my family.

My app might not be something that all viewers can benefit from or use, but I can guarantee that each viewer or reader knows a family member or friend that could benefit from Activate Fitness. All I ask is that they share my app with any and everyone. Word of mouth is by far the best way for me to market this app and I would greatly appreciate any help you can provide.

I highly recommend that parents sit down with each child to discuss screen time and come up with the activity goals together. This helps the child feel more involved with their screen time and gives them comfort to discuss screen time with Parents in the future.

Activity is tracked using:

  •  Apple Health App (iOS Only)
  •  Google Fit (Android Only)
  •  Fitbit (Android Only)

 Other features:

  • You can set up goals for steps/distance traveled/flights of stairs taken
  • You can add manual time for completing chores or good behavior
  • You can set schedules to restrict or allow access to the child’s device during a specific time frame (like bedtime)

Learn more about the activate fitness app here:

Download on Android or iOS by entering “Activate Fitness” into the Google Play Store or Apple App Store or by clicking the links below: