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Food Truck Friday: Dope Lemonades shines with exotic flavors

Dope Lemonades: Gormet Lemonade and Iced Tea

Dope Lemonades, a gourmet lemonade and iced tea business, will be featured on Food Truck Friday. Owners Laura Yahya and Sylvia Keyes will showcase their seven most popular flavors: Lemonade Love, Babyy Shark, Dill With It, Lime Dragon, the Unicorn, Piña-Jalapeño, and Under the Sea.

“We specializes in gourmet lemonade and iced tea with fresh fruit,” said Yahya. “We offer fun and exotic flavors, including sugar-free options and mocktails.”

Dope Lemonades travels between Northern and Central Indiana for public and private events and is a member of Friends of Fred Food Trucks. For those unable to attend in person, Yahya highlighted the unique aspects of their offerings.

“We’re different from other lemonade concessions because of our variety and quality,” Yahya explained. “We use fresh fruit and offer flavors that you won’t find anywhere else.”

Keyes shared that the business, established in 2021, is a family and friends operation. “We’re a loud, colorful, and opinionated group that loves serving others,” she said.

During the segment, viewers learn where they can find Dope Lemonades and when the food truck will be available.

Join Laura Yahya and Sylvia Keyes as they bring their unique and refreshing lemonades to the spotlight, offering a taste of summer to viewers across Northern and Central Indiana.