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Food Truck Friday! Just Cakin’ It

It’s our favorite day of the week here at Life.Style.Live! It’s Food Truck Friday! This week’s featured meal on wheels, Just Cakin’ It!

Just Cakin’ It! is a mobile lab that combines education, entrepreneurship, and culinary arts. They create unique opportunities that inspire and empower young minds! Not only do they provide a fun and educational experience for students, but they also offer a pathway for future success. Students have the opportunity to earn a stipend and obtain ServSafe culinary certifications! Looking ahead, the business envisions a franchise model that allows its talented culinary students to become franchisee owners of Just Cakin’ It!, fostering a community of passionate entrepreneurs.

Additionally, Just Cakin’ It! offers ‘Cakin’ Sip’ classes for all ages, creating a diverse market for celebration and enjoyment. With dessert catering and food truck vending as additional offerings, they have built a dynamic business that continues to grow and make a positive impact on both young learners and dessert lovers!

For Food Truck Friday, owner Courtney Barrett brought some goodies in for us! Kayla was able to try a layered cheesecake pudding! Their menu also includes banana pudding, lemonades, a variety of slushies, and even loaded dessert waffles!