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Food truck Friday: The Middle of Nowhere

Food Truck: Middle of nowhere

Food Truck Friday: The Middle of Nowhere

A black food truck covered in graffiti is saving you a three hour trip to the windy city: The Middle of Nowhere food truck brings Chicago-style food closer to Indy! If you’re wondering where you can find this truck… well it’s literally in the middle of nowhere. This truck travels to different spots across Indiana daily and can be tracked on their Facebook Page.

The food truck opened back in October of 2021 by Staci Haus at the intersection of IN-26 and IN-29. Staci joined “Life.Style.Live!” to showcase some delicious food truck dishes.

At the food truck you can find Chicago-style Italian Beef Sandwiches with beef peppers, Chicago-style hot dogs, the big cheese served with sweet peppers, mild and giardiniera, Italian sausages, fresh cut french fries, and beef nachos.

They also offer tasty desserts including elephant ear chips and dip with fall dip flavors like apple pie filling and pumpkin spice cream cheese frosting.

You’ll be able to see the food truck at the Tri-State food truck battle happening in Connersville Indiana on Saturday September 30, 2023. It’s a free event happening from noon to 9 pm. Don’t forget to add your signature to the graffiti collection on the truck, you’ll find yourself in the middle of nowhere!