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Food Truck Fun: The Yellow Rose TX BBQ Company

The Yellow Rose TX BBQ Company, a Texas-style BBQ food truck, is making waves in Johnson County, Indiana. Owned by Anthony P. Minderman, a retired Major from the US Army, the food truck has been serving up authentic Texas flavors since February 2023. Minderman’s journey in BBQ began over a decade ago when he started competing professionally on the BBQ circuit, drawing inspiration from his mother’s cooking and his father-in-law’s brisket. With menu items like the Loaded Hashbrown Brisket Bowl and Loaded Mac and Cheese, The Yellow Rose TX BBQ Company brings a taste of Texas to the heart of Indiana.

The secret to great BBQ lies in Minderman’s passion for cooking and his dedication to honing his craft. Having learned from watching his mother in the kitchen and through his own explorations, Minderman has perfected the art of BBQ over the years. What sets Texas BBQ apart from other kinds, according to Minderman, is the emphasis on slow smoking, quality cuts of meat, and the rich flavors infused by traditional Texas seasoning techniques. With his food truck gaining popularity, Minderman’s dream of being his own boss has become a reality, and he continues to bring the authentic taste of Texas BBQ to locals and visitors alike.