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Fortune’s Fool: Switching careers, from medicine to whiskey

Creating Style: Fortune’s Fool Whiskey: The Overture

Juliet Schmalz, the founder of Fortune’s Fool, left her career in medicine to follow her passion for whiskey. She co-founded Fortune’s Fool in 2019, inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The brand’s spirits are patiently aging in the world’s best barrels.

Colton Howard, Host of “Creating Style with Colton,” and Juliet Schmalz, CEO and Co-founder of Fortune’s Fool, joined us to talk about the process of creating The Overture and what inspired this creation.

After the success of their first rye whiskey, Fortune’s Fool is now launching their most special product yet, The Overture. This whiskey has been aged for 39 months and is bottled at 109.4 proof. The barrels come from Napa Valley’s Seguin Moreau Cooperage. Hoosiers can find The Overture at local liquor stores and restaurants this summer.

Fortune’s Fool was created with one goal: to make top-quality whiskey. Juliet Schmalz, MD, is very careful about her methods and strives for the best quality. She uses world-class barrels, top ingredients, and works with expert partners.

Current products include:

  • The Prelude: A Straight Rye Whiskey aged 32 months in Seguin Moreau American Oak barrels.
  • The Overture: A Straight Rye Whiskey aged 39 months in the same high-quality barrels.

More products will be released later this year. For more information, visit