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From physician to CEO, meet the founder of Fortune’s Fool Whiskey

Fortune’s Fool Whiskey: Creating a top-shelf whiskey in Indiana

It’s a local whiskey producer that attends to the most discerning and adventurous seekers of fine spirits.

On today’s Live. Style. Live!, we meet Dr. Juliet Schmalz, Founder + CEO, Fortune’s Fool Whiskey, and learn her story of going from physician to creating one of Indiana’s first top-shelf whiskeys. Here’s more:

  • An Indiana native and longtime whiskey enthusiast, Juliet is Kentucky-trained in whiskey production and is one of the first producers to invest in world-class barrels for the entire product line with the singular goal of superior quality. Fortune’s Fool is available for purchase in restaurants, bars, and liquor stores across Indiana exclusively, with expanded distribution expected in the near future.  
  • Fortune’s Fool was founded in 2019 with the singular goal of creating a whiskey of superior quality. Founder Juliet Schmalz, MD, uses only world-class barrels, top-quality ingredients, and expert partners. Its current releases include The Prelude, a Straight Rye Whiskey aged thirty-two months in Seguin Moreau American Oak barrels. You can find Fortune’s Fool in local stores, bars, and restaurants. For more information, visit