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From the Vault: Inside the IMS Museum

Roxie Dunbar, the esteemed Collections Manager at the IMS Museum joined us Friday morning! Dunbar plays a crucial role in preserving and caring for the remarkable artifacts that grace the collection. In a nutshell, she ensures that each item receives the utmost care and attention. One fascinating aspect of this collection is the exquisite array of paintings, and Dunbar unpacked the stories behind these captivating artworks, engaging in an engaging conversation with the host.

Dunbar’s contributions extend beyond collection care. She also plays a pivotal role in curating the exhibitions showcased at the museum. If you’re planning a visit this weekend, Dunbar will give you a sneak peek into two captivating exhibitions: “Second” and “Traditions.”

Among treasured artworks, they house 13 paintings by LeRoy Neiman, all of which depict images from the iconic 1962 Indianapolis 500 Race. Neiman, renowned for his vibrant and expressive paintings and screenprints of athletes, musicians, and sporting events, brings a distinct energy to his works. This presents a wonderful opportunity to discuss the IMS Museum’s broader artwork collection and its connections to The Children’s Museum, which is home to the National Art Museum of Sport collection.

Join us as we explore the depth and significance of the IMS Museum’s collection, uncovering the stories behind the captivating paintings and discovering the artistry of LeRoy Neiman. The fusion of sport and art awaits you at the IMS Museum, where history, culture, and creativity converge.