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Gadget Guy shares Father’s Day gifts

1. Carved Alloy Wallets – RFID-blocking Aluminum Wallets w/ Wood-Carved Back  

Swap dad’s old, raggedy wallet and upgrade to something stylish for Father’s Day, with the Carved Alloy Wallets. These slim, hard wallets feature a minimalist durable design,  as they are precisely machined, anodized, and laser-etched from a block of aluminum alloy. Each wallet also integrates a hand-carved wood and resin slice on the back, making each wallet a completely unique art piece. Each wallet can securely hold up to five cards plus cash, and they’re RFID-blocking feature protects contents from unwanted electromagnetic card scanning.  


2. Vinci Nitro Cold Brew – Nitrogen-Powered Nitro Cold Brew Dispensing System  


Dads can take their homemade cold brew to the next level with the Vinci Nitro Cold Brew. This nitro cold brew coffee dispensing system utilizes standard N2 or N2O cartridges to infuse your cold brew with nitrous gas and create microbubbles, giving it a smooth and thick texture with a foamy top, a creamy taste, and a sweet and bold flavor. The unit comes with a 1.1L stainless steel Mini Keg, a built-in counterbalanced handle for easy one-handed pouring, and an included drip mat.  


3. BALL Watch Fireman Ducks Unlimited – All-Terrain Hunting & Exploration Watch  

$1,199 or $1,449  

Fathers will love the new BALL Watch Fireman Ducks Unlimited. This high-end all-terrain hunting watch features sturdy stainless steel construction, 5,000Gs shock resistance, anti-magnetic protection up to 4,800A/m, and water resistant up to 330 ft. It’s powered by an Automatic mechanical caliber BALL RR1103 mechanism, which gives it a 40-hour power reserve. It also sports an anti-reflective coating for easy time reading during the daytime, plus self-powered illumination technology using 63 micro tritium gas tubes integrated into its dial and watch hands for high legibility during nighttime. There are 2 color models available for the watch’s strap and dial, Stainless Steel Strap w/ Black dial or NATO Camo Strap w/ Camo Dial.  


4. Geekey Multi-tool – Compact Stainless Steel Key-Shaped Pocket-Tool  


Keep Dad versatile throughout the day with the Geekey Multi-tool. This pocket-friendly key-shaped multi-tool packs a durable stainless steel construction and boasts over 16+ unique functionalities that can aid you in different scenarios. It features a Scoring Tip for cutting and opening objects, a Multi-Head Driving Tip that fits most screw- and bolt-head styles and also doubles as a Can Opener Tip, a Serrated Edge, and an Open Wrench that also works as a Bottle Opener. It also integrates a built-in Smoking Bowl and Smoking Pipe, a Linear Edge File, a Ruler and Protractor, a built-in Bit Driver Hex Pocket, a Closed Wrench, a Bike Spoke Key-Wrench that can also be used as a Wire Bender, and a Wire Stripper with a sharp wedge that doubles as Lanyard Hole for your key-chain.  


5. Across the Board 19th Hole Golf & NASCAR Car Racing Board Games  

$160 | $140  

Keep Dad entertained for hours on end with Across the Board’s Board Games. These high-quality board games are made in the USA with love and care. The 19th Hole Golf Game is a golf board game for up to 4 players that’s played in 9-hole or 18-hole golf matches by using just a die and a standard deck of playing cards. Players can compete against each other with friendly wagers just like they’re on their home course. The NASCAR Car Racing Game is a car racing board game for up to 11 players that’s played by having each player race around the track. Players deal standard playing cards and roll the dice to try disqualifying opponent’s racecars and start building their personal “pot”, with the main goal of trying to hold the winning car’s card. video:  

6. POWERUP 4.0 Smartphone-Controlled Paper Plane Kit

$69+; or Amazon at

The 4.0 is POWERUP’s most powerful and user-friendly model yet. Powerful enough to fly paper, balsa, cardboard and foam planes, the 4.0 blends technology with the thrill of sending homemade planes into flight to bring out the kid in all of us. With up to 10 minutes of flight time, the 4.0 features an on-board flight computer, autopilot assist, gyro and accelerometer with fly-by-wire capability, and flight telemetry stats. Two propellers provide double the power and more maneuverability, even in imperfect weather. Specially created LED lights make flying at night a breeze and landing gear for making taking off and landing smoother. Video: