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Gadget Guy shares latest tech perfect for holiday season

The Gadget Guy David Novak joined us Tuesday on “Life.Style.Live!” with a variety of cool products one on your holiday shopping list would appreciate.

1. K Lawrence Tubular Candle Holder w/ Replaceable Candle  


The Tubular with Replaceable Candle from K Lawrence showcases simple, elegant and clean shapes. Each piece is hand-painted with three colors to choose from: natural, light grey and dark grey. The Tubular utilizes patent-pending replaceable candles (scented or unscented candle, a flameless luminara or an outdoor propane candle) that allow for continuous use and long-term enjoyment. It measures 10” wide by 4” tall. Relax, unwind and rejuvenate your mind and body with K Lawrence replaceable candles, burners and flameless decor. Five custom fragrances to choose from: Champagne Rose, Citronella Grapefruit, Eucalyptus Lavender, White Birch, and Serenity, as well as Unscented.    

2. Pebblebee Smart Trackers – GPS & Bluetooth Trackers for Everyday-Use  

Starts at $30,  

Keep track of your personal belongings with Pebblebee’s Smart Trackers. The Pebblebee Found LTE, the company’s flagship smart GPS location tracker, is water-resistant and works globally via an LTE-M subscription, using both Polte and BLE systems to track, plus a rechargeable battery that can last up to a year. You can use it to track pets, cars, or other large valuables. Via the Pebblebee App, you can create geofencing boundaries for where the device tracks, for which you’ll receive alerts if something goes beyond those virtual fences. The Pebblebee Clip works only via Bluetooth (no GPS tracking), is also water-resistant, and works over Bluetooth for up to 500 ft. range…perfect for keys and bags. Finally, the Pebblebee Card is much like the Clip, and is great for wallets. Via the Pebblebee App, users will receive audible notifications for both the Card and the Clip.  

3. ProTek Dive Series 1004O Diving Watch & ProTek FIELD Series 3003 Watch  

Starts at $525,  

From the former founder/CEO of Luminox, adventure enthusiasts will love two new ultra-durable wristwatches from ProTek, the official watch company of the US Marine Corp. For passionate divers, the ProTek Dive Series 1004O Diving Watch, in the ProTek Carbon Series, is a high-end and ultra-durable quartz diving watch that features a 42mm military-grade Carbon Composite Fiber Case, rated at 300m, an impressive 10-year battery, and a self-powered ProGlo Swiss Illumination technology that provides a non-stop continuous glow for its watch hands and dial numbers for up to 25 years. For outdoor fans, there’s the ProTek FIELD Series 3003, in the ProTek Titanium Series, which is a high-end all-terrain military-grade watch featuring a 40mm military-grade Titanium Case that’s rated at 100m. It also has the ProGlo Illumination technology and sports a 4-year battery.  

4. GPS SmartSole – Shoe Sole GPS Tracking System  


Designed to help caregivers and families keep better track of the people they take care of, the MetAlert GPS SmartSole is exactly what the name implies…a GPS-enabled smart shoe sole insert that works as a high-performance 4G-enabled GPS tracking system. Used together with its Smart Locator App, you can create geo zones and circular perimeters around any address, and it works across all 50 states with decent cellular coverage. When the GPS SmartSole enters or exits those pre-configured areas, the company’s online portal will immediately send alerts via email and/or text to any caregiver assigned within the app.  

5. Pocketalk Plus – Handheld Universal Translator  


For world travelers, check out the Pocketalk Plus. This next-gen handheld translator is equipped with a large color touchscreen display that features an accurate One-Button Translation function, which supports 82 languages. It also has a Text-to-Translate 8MP Camera that translates text, written words, and signs, plus a built-in numeric-conversion function that lets you calculate conversions for currency, length, width, and temperature values. It also features Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi Connectivity, a complimentary 2-year cellular data plan that provides coverage in over 130 countries, and a 6-hour battery.

6. JOVS Blacken Photorejuvenation Device – Skin-Care Device  


Take your skin-care routine to the next level with the JOVS Blacken Photorejuvenation Device. This professional-grade smart skin-care treatment device helps with skin anti-aging, as well as for reducing spots, acne, and skin redness, and it can even tighten and lift troubled skin areas. Its 500-650nm DPL precise narrow spectrum light technology irradiates through a sapphire cooling surface area. This allows it to even your skin tone and brighten your skin by one shade value, and it helps fade and remove stubborn age spots and acne marks. It also improves red blood cells, repairs the skin barrier, and stimulates the production of collagen, which helps to smooth your skin. The device features a simple interface with built-in controls, and 3 modes: Skin Brighten Mode, a Skin Redness Mode, and a Skin Whiten Mode.  

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