Gadget Guy shares Stocking Stuffer Gadgets

Have a hairy back? Turns out, there’s a gadget for that! David Novak, the Gadget Guy, shares this week’s gadget “toys”!

  1. Casio EDIFICE EFS-560HR WATCH (Honda Racing Limited Edition)
    For any horology enthusiasts out there, you might be looking for a timepiece that offers both fashion and functionality for years to come. The Casio Edifice EFS-560HR Watch is a special Honda Racing Limited Edition solar-powered wristwatch that features a unique design that draws its inspiration from racing tracks. The dial’s special finish resembles an asphalt racing surface, while the red accents on its dial’s circumference and inset dials bring to mind the curbs on a racing track. The watch’s bezel is made from carbon fiber and its wristband is made of a highly-durable fabric that also integrates Kevlar fiber inserts, making it capable of withstanding any weather conditions. The watch’s glass is extremely durable, as it’s made from scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and the watch is water-resistant up to 100m depth. Additionally, the watch’s solar-charging system makes it more practical than any traditional wristwatches. Lastly, the dial, band, and case’s back are all inscribed with the Honda Racing
    As far as Smartwatches go, not many brands allow you to take full-control of your digital world. The MAD Gaze Watch is a gesture-controlled smart watch that makes your daily digital life extremely accessible. You can use it as your personal health and fitness tracker to easily track your heart rate, step counts, calories, GPS location, and more. The watch also works as a universal remote control for other IoT devices. Its advanced 6-axis sensor can capture different hand gestures to learn your tap and movement patterns in order to memorize personalized gestures. That includes answering phone calls, replying to messages, controlling the volume, playing videos and more. With 16 GB of Storage, Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity, 48 hours of Battery Life and 90 hours of Standby Time, 1 GB Ram, and everything running on Android 7.1, your digital life will be much easier to control than ever before. video:
    Fitbit Sense is an advanced health smartwatch that helps you tune in to your body with tools for stress management, heart health, SpO2, skin temperature & more. It has an EDA Scan app which detects electrodermal activity which may indicate your body’s response to stress and a built-in skin temperature sensor logs yours each night so you can see when it varies. It also has a High & low heart rate notification that alerts you if your heartrate seems above or below your average. The 6-day battery can be charged quickly, and the GPS lets you track runs, hikes, rides and more to see pace & distance without your phone. Use your voice with Amazon Alexa Built-in to check the weather, set reminders, control smart home appliances and more from your watch.Video:
    When it comes to men shaving their back, the process can be quite tedious, as most grooming products are not designed to help dudes reach their back hair with ease. The BakBlade 2.0 Elite Plus Back & Body Shaver is the smartest, safest, and smoothest way for men to shave their back. This Back and Body Shaver is much larger and much longer than any conventional shavers or trimmers. It features an extra-long ergonomic handle that offers a comfortable grip, a set of 3 removable DRYglide blades that ensure a closer and more accurate shave, and a smooth Exfoliating Brush that can be used to comfortably exfoliate and massage your skin after shaving any unwanted hair. There’s also a smaller model called the BODBlade, which is basically a smaller body shaver tool that’s intended to be used for shaving the hairs within your chest, neck, and shoulders with ease and comfort. ($24.95). video:
  5. HP Sprocket Portable Phone Printer
    The HP Sprocket is a portable, pocket-sized, and battery-powered Smartphone printer that allows users to conveniently print their Smartphone photos while they’re on-the-go. This smartphone-sized photo printer easily fits into your pocket, purse, or backpack, and can instantly print your phone-taken pictures on its 10 included sheets of 2×3″ high-quality sticky-backed photo paper. Its Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity lets users connect the Sprocket to its Smartphone App to personalize and decorate their pictures to their taste right before printing them. The App also allows multiple devices to be connected for multiple user-printing and even displays a virtual photo queue of the requested print jobs so multiple users always know whose photo is printing. video:
  6. Braun ThermoScan 7 and Braun 3-1 No-Touch Thermometers
    Whenever dealing with children’s fevers, many parents don’t actually know that what’s considered a fever for a 3-month-old baby is slightly different than that of a toddler or even adult. That’s where having a reliable thermometer like the Braun ThermoScan 7 comes in handy. This smart thermometer features a new Age Precision technology that takes all the guesswork out. Parents can easily configure the thermometer to work for the correct age of their child (0-3 months, 3-36 months or 36 months+) and then simply use the device’s color coded display to quickly interpret the reading based on their child’s age. Additionally, if any concerned parents would require a device that’s not only capable of measuring forehead temperature, but also food and/or bath temperature, the brand-new Braun 3-1 No-Touch Thermometer is exactly what you’d need. video:
    $399 & $299;
    The Periodic Audio Carbon In-Ear Monitors are made from Lab-grown diamond material that offers a sound an unparalleled sound resolution with distortion below any other In-Ear monitors around. It also has micro and macro dynamics for an unrivaled listening experience.The C (Carbon) IEM utilizes a lab-grown diamond layer (8 microns) on a proprietary high-temperature polymer substrate. All components inside are 100% designed and tooled in-house, resulting in a totally unique product, and enhanced bass adds to the magic. The Periodic Audio Nickel Amplifier gives you more power output than just about any portable solution on the market, yet smaller than some pairs of IEMs. It’s like the company took a kilowatt, kilobuck high end audio amp and shrunk it down like an angora sweater put through the hot wash cycle. Over 25 mW per gram and over 250 mW – a quarter of a Watt – per channel into 32 Ohms. Nearly double that into 16 or 8 Ohms. Plenty of power for just about any headphone out there. And with 6.5 dB of gain, it’s a good bump up in level – without crushing the volume range of your phone.cUltra-simple to use, plug it in to turn on, unplug to turn off. Add it to a cellphone and watch high-end personal music players run in fear. Hours and hours of play time, and mere minutes to recharge. Easily 8 hours of too-loud-to-listen output , and 30 minutes to charge. Oh, and you can charge at the same time you’re listening, thanks to a dedicated split power supply for the audio stage. Video: NO VIDEO