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Gadget Guy: Techy toys for the family

The Gadget Guy: Techy Toys for the Family

In the latest “Gadget Guy” episode, David Novak introduced a range of exciting tech toys suitable for the whole family, including golf shoes, a dive watch, a fun tossing game, an affordable tablet, an interactive rideable pony, and innovative security devices.

“Gadget Guy” continues to showcase the latest tech and gadgets for family enjoyment. Take a look!

1. Volition America X PUMA IGNITE Elevate Spikeless Golf Shoes & Luminox Leatherback Sea Turtle Giant Dive Watch 
$150 | $445  

Golf lovers know that having the right pair of shoes can make a huge difference. The Volition America X PUMA IGNITE Elevate are limited edition spikeless golf shoes designed in collaboration with PUMA, which are built for strength and stability, and rated to have a 1-year waterproof protection. The shoes feature a breathable EXOShell flat-knit mesh upper and sturdy TPU saddle side panels, which offer unparalleled structural support around the midfoot and stability throughout your swing. They also come equipped with a full-length IGNITE Foam midsole made of a proprietary foam that provides exceptional energy return, responsiveness, and stable cushioning. A super-durable Pro-Form TPU spikeless outsole with a concentric pattern provides outstanding traction, while a molded insole provides incredible comfort all day long.  Or check out this other techy toy, the Volition America X Luminox Leatherback Sea Turtle Giant. This high-end quartz diving watch features a case and a unidirectional rotating bezel made of a durable fiberglass compound, a high-grade glass cover made of a hardened mineral crystal, plus a 316L stainless steel case back and a rubber strap with a stainless steel buckle. It’s water resistant up to 330 ft. / 100m. The watch is also equipped with a proprietary Luminox Light Technology lighting system, which is a completely self-powered illumination technology that provides a constant glow and lasts for 25 years. Each purchase of Volition America products supports the families of USA’s military veterans and first responders through the Folds of Honor Foundation, providing funding and scholarships for these groups.  

2. Creative Brainworks B3 Bean Bag Bucketz – Bean Bag & Pong Ball Tossing Party Game  


Go with a fun and exciting game at your next party with the B3 Bean Bag Bucketz. This tossing party game can be played indoors or outdoors and is played with bean bags or ping pong balls. The game consists of a tall tripod tower equipped with 7 removable bucketz of different sizes and heights, numbered with different point values. The first team or player that reaches 21 points wins the game.  


3. T-Mobile REVVL Tab 5G – Affordable High-End 5G Tablet  


Anyone in the family can comfortably binge watch their favorite shows and work on-the-go with the T-Mobile REVVL Tab 5G. This sleek 5G tablet features a large 10.36″ FHD display, along with an 8MP dual camera system on the back plus an 8MP front camera. Its CPU consists of a MediaTek Dimensity MTK5G-C chipset, which delivers fast processing power for handling multiple work Apps or mobile gaming. The tablet also sports 128GB of storage (expandable with a microSD Card up to 2TB) and 6GB RAM. It has a facial recognition security function, and runs on Android 13 OS. The REVVL features both Bluetooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi connectivity, along with 5G (and 4G LTE) connectivity. A large 7040 mAh battery offers you a long-lasting battery life. video:  

4. Power Pony – Engine-Powered Rideable Pony for Children  


Check out the Power Pony, which has been imagined by kids, designed for kids, and built to ride like a real horse. This engine-powered rideable pony toy is hand-crafted and features a soft body and a fluffy mane that kids can hug and brush while riding. It has a removable saddle, and is powered by a patent-pending ZüME engine. Easy for parents to assemble, and simple and straightforward for kids to ride, the toy is fully interactive, as kids simply need to press their feet down on its foot panels to move it forward, press their heels to move it backwards, or stop exerting pressure to stop its engine. Turning sideways is just as easy with a push of the handlebars left or right.  


5. Survival Gear BSO Personal Security Devices – Sonic Nausea Device || Laser Surveillance Defeater || Faraday Defense NX3 Bag 5″x7″  

$39.99 | $69.99 | $23.95  

Guys will love these survival gear toys by Survival Gear BSO. The Sonic Nausea Device is a small, ingenious nausea-inducing covert sound machine designed to astound and thwart potential threats, which works by generating high-pressure acoustic sound waves, leaving those in its path feeling imbalanced, discomfort in their stomach, nauseated, and a headache to boot. The Laser Surveillance Defeater is a compact and portable device engineered with a sound-frequency filter that’s precisely tuned to work within the human voice range, and can disrupt high-tech laser surveillance devices used for eavesdropping by transmitting human voice frequencies to windows and other surfaces. Lastly, to protect your devices from data theft and unwanted tracking, there’s the Faraday Defense NX3 Bag 5″x7″. This revolutionary metallic bag with a Velcro closure utilizes advanced Faraday Cage Signal Blocking technology to block and dissipate all incoming and outgoing wireless signals from exterior or interior sources (including Wi-Fi, GPS, RFID, NFC, and cellular signals). It can fit most smartphones, tablets, key fobs, credit cards, passports, and other electronic devices.   

6. MyDogToy Dog Toys – Highly-Durable Interactive Squeaker Dog Toys  

$19.49 | $24.49 | $30.99  

For the dog in mind, MyDogToy Dog Toys offers high-quality floating squeaker dog toys are machine washable, and made with multiple layers sewn together to make one super strong layer of material. They’re covered with an additional layer of industrial-grade webbing trim that protects the sewing edges and helps create more strength for added durability. They also come equipped with individual squeakers that come safely attached inside separate protective pouches to ensure your dog’s safety during playtime. For something softer, go with the MyDogToy DuraForce Triangle Ring, which features 2 layers of material sewn together with 2 rows of cross stitching and 2 rows of linear stitching, and 3 squeakers. For a medium-level of toughtness, there’s the MyDogToy Tuffy No Stuff Tug-O-War, which features 4 layers, the same stitching finish, and 4 squeakers. For more powerful dogs that require the toughest of toys, the MyDogToy Tuffy Mega Ring is the right choice, featuring 7 layers of material that are reinforced with a whopping 7 rows of cross stitching, plus 4 squeakers.