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Gadgets to improve school, work life

The right tools can make going to work or school that much better for you and the students in your life. David Novak of Gadget Gram joined us today with some powerful tools for work and school, plus some tech to keep them powered up.

XIAOMI SmartMi 2S Intelligent Fan, $129.99,

Keep that dorm room cool with the Smartmi 2S Cordless Fan, sporting a 20-hour battery life and a cooling sensation that mimics a natural breeze. Powered by a whisper-quiet innovative brushless motor, Smartmi can be used anywhere and built-in WIFI lets you control it from a smartphone. 

mophie Powerstation USB-C XXL, $70,

Not all battery packs are created equally, and that’s exactly why the mophie Powerstation USB-C XXL is king of the castle. Talk, play and browse longer than ever with 20,000mAh of portable battery. Three USB ports let you charge multiple devices, perfect for students. 

Naztech All-in-One USB-C Adaptor & Xpods, $50 & $65.

Naztech jumps on the scene with a whole slew of mobile products, perfect for school. If your laptop, tablet, or smartphone only has a single USB-C port, the all-in-one adapter can make it much more useful. It instantly expands that one USB-C port into a 4K HDMI output, 2 USB-A ports, SD and micro SD memory card readers, and a 60 watt USB-C power delivery charging port. This small and powerful device will eliminate the constant juggling between a charging cable and your must-have peripherals. The Xpods provide HD Stereo Sound: You can enjoy powerful audio with impeccable bass, clear highs and the most natural distortion-free wireless listening experience. Want to take or make a call, change tracks, adjust the volume? Intuitive touch sensor controls let you easily navigate your playlist, switch between music and phone calls and even activate Siri. The moment you open the charging case, the Xpods earbuds automatically turn on and pair for the ultimate hassle-free connection. With a four-microphone array, two on each earbud, and the most advanced noise cancellation technology, the Xpods earbuds filter out wind and background noises to ensure that your voice comes through crisp and clear. Also, avoid the hassle of wires even when recharging the portable charging case! Simply drop it onto a Qi wireless charger and in less than two hours, you’re ready for another 25 hours of play.

Naipo oPillow, $60,

Up late at night sitting in a chair, cramming for that mid-term? Rethink the pillow massager. The latest generation of massager technology, the oPillow combines multiple functions to offer the best possible massage at any time and any place. Enjoy a deep kneading massage experience. The four nodes move simultaneously, with rotational movement that reproduces the feel of an in-person massage. Personalize your experience by adding pressure to targeted regions. The flexible hook attachment makes it easy to adjust and position on the right spot. Multipurpose design makes this cushion extremely comfortable for standalone use.Curved Design: Strategically support lumbar spine curvature, and the hook design is applicable on most office chairs.

Generac IQ2000 Power Generator, $970.

In light of the severe weather around the country and wide-spread power outages, students still need to get things done on their PC and smartphones.. AC Rated Output(Running/Starting), 1600/2000 Watts and 120V make up the Generac IQ2000 Power Generator. The PowerDial integrates start/run/stop functions into 1 easy-to-use dial, the PowerBar monitors and displays wattage used, the Electronic Fuel Gauge displays remaining fuel and the Runtime Display show how much time is left before refueling. It takes just a little over a gallon of gas, which will last you over 7 hours of use on average, and it has three consumption modes: Economy, Standard, and Turbo, which helps you monitor your fuel use.

Moon UltraLight, $59,

Moon UltraLight is a new, ultra-portable lighting accessory designed with intuitive touch controls that provide customizable brightness, color and tone, allowing you to perfectly capture your beautiful moments. You adjust the color and light using different finger holds and presses, and it also has an auto shut-off if you forget to turn it off. This is perfect for students studying from home, and using their smartphone for video classroom sessions.

For more from Novak, visit the Gadget Gram website.