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Get “Packing 101 tips,” as travel agent Katie Awwad preps Amber for Disney

Prepping Amber for her trip to Disney part 2

Planning a trip to Disney World can be overwhelming! Did you know? Amber and her family are headed there for the first time next month!

To help get them prepared, we’ve enlisted the help of Katie Awwad, Magnified Cruise One Travel Agent. Here are her tips for PACKING for Disney!
1) Clothing 
Use gallon bags and add a complete outfit for day and label bag. You can even add your Disney ears to bag! 
– This is great if you are going to do matching outfits for park days. 
– I do this for all my trips, but it makes it so nice to help with not overpacking. If you have kids that are messy, you can add a second outfit to bag or create a few outfits for messes. I label those bags “kids name: extra outfit”  
– Then stack the bags in case with seams up. This way you can pull them out like a filing system. Very easy to see.  
– And! Big news! I don’t pack PJs for my kids at Disney! I have everyone shower and sleep in their clothing for next day to let them sleep in a little more! We are rope droppers, so 6:30am comes really fast! 
2) Shoes 
Disney requires a TON of walking! I highly suggest a good shoe and have a back up water proof shoe. It rains at Disney and there is nothing worse than wet socks! I use packing cubes for shoes! 
3) Bathroom needs?!?
Just like any other hotels, Disney resorts provide hair dyers, iron and soaps! So to keep with our theme of not overpacking, plan to use their items. 
4) First Aid
Plan for everything! Bring a small kit for pain, tummy, rashes, allergies, motion sickness blisters and ear plugs! I take a few of everything into park with me as well. 

5) Other things! 
Extension cord for resort to plug in everything. The new magic bands require a charge now! Plus if you are traveling and you need to charge your tablets for airplane or long car ride, then you have plenty of places to plug in.  
-Reusable water bottle with a clip. This is to clip to your back pack. This makes it easier to fill and drink out of.  
– Zip lock bags, plastic spoons/ forks 
– If you are grabbing a snack in the park and you don’t finish then you will need to store it before you get on ride. Plastic bags are wonderful for this! I also use clear. 
– Autograph book or items for characters to sign. Plus different color pins! There are so many fun things to keep autographs on. My favorite are Christmas ornaments.
– Glow Sticks 
I love these at night for the kids. Dollar Tree has really fun options. This will save you some money because they sell glow in dark items at park! So kids will be asking for something! 
– Gift Cards 
– If you have a bday or holiday before your trip, I always suggest asking grandparents for gift cards for those gifts! This can be used to help kids set a budget for all the extras they might want! 
 – Magic Bands 
These are your life line for your vacation! It’s your room key, tickets, park reservations and a credit card! Make sure you purchase these before your trip on your MDE app and bring them.  
– Snacks and food!!! 
I always do a Walmart order to be dropped off at our resort. There is a small fridge in the resort rooms. I pack our lunches each day and take into park.  
– Battery Packs for Phone 
You will be using your phone a ton! The location feature on app eats your battery! You will need to charge your battery mid day and won’t have the time to stop and let that happen, plus it’s really hard to find a spot to do that.