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Get rid of that ‘dad bod’ with Firefighter Tim

Get ready to ignite your fitness routine with the one and only Firefighter Tim! Join us as we unveil an epic Father’s Day workout that’s guaranteed to help you shed the Dad Bod and feel like a superhero.

In this fiery fitness extravaganza, Tim Griffin, the fearless firefighter, will guide you through the Triple 10 workout. Picture this: 10 exercises, 10 reps each, all completed within an intense 10-minute timeframe.

It’s a high-octane challenge that will leave you breathless and feeling invincible. So grab your workout gear, channel your inner hero, and get ready to sweat it out.

Father’s Day just got a whole lot fitter, thanks to Firefighter Tim. Stay tuned for more details on our social media platforms, where we’ll be sharing the workout routine that will turn your Dad Bod into a Dad Bod of steel. Are you ready to take on the Triple 10 challenge? Let’s do this!