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Gift Ideas for Pets and their Owners this Christmas

During tough times, families bond closer together and now, more and more pets are included in the family festivities.  As the pet experts, veterinarians are instrumental in helping people make good gift choices for their pets. Thomas Dock, of Noah’s Animal Hospitals, shares some practical gift ideas:

  1. Almost 31% of pet owners will give their four legged friend a holiday gift this season.  That’s more people sharing gifts with their dogs and cats than with their co-workers!!
  • Many pets simply enjoying “unwrapping” their gifts, regardless of what is inside.  Of course, the extra attention from their owners is not bad either!
  • Pet owners and those looking to give gifts to pets or owners could consider actual physical gifts, gifts that benefit other animals, or a gift that might benefit the pet in the future.
  • One great gift for canines and felines is the Drinkwell Pet Fountain.  These devices help aerate and filter water, encouraging your pet to drink more.  This is especially important for our cat companions.
  • We all know dogs love to chew, but bones and some other traditional chew toys can be dangerous to our pets because of obstruction, perforations or even damage to the dog’s teeth.  Consider a durable toy like any of the Kong toys or even a cotton rope toy.
  • Don’t forget your feline friends…a fun, interactive Bergan Turbo Track might help stimulate them and provide needed exercise!
  • Snow and ice and, of course, all of the ice melt materials that are thrown around this time of year, can be rough on your dog’s paws.  Paw Protectors might be the answer!
  • Tired of looking at the same old kennels and crates for your pet?  How about a TownHaus Dog Den from Den Haus?  This handsome crate looks like a piece of wooden furniture but functions as a safe place for your pet.
  • Do you worry about your pets when you are away from home?  Use a free window cling from ADT Security to let rescuers know about your furry family.  Better yet, consider upgrading your current alarm system to include a monitoring service.  It could save your pet’s life!
  1. Overall, beyond the fun toys or fancy clothes for your pets, veterinarians recommend that you consider some less common, but definitely helpful gifts.
  1. Local shelters and rescues do so much great work to help homeless pets and those with special needs.  Why not give a monetary gift (in your pet’s name, of course) to your favorite LOCAL animal group?
  1. If money is tight…ask your local shelter what kind of supplies would be helpful.  You might have some old blankets, towels or even pet items that could get a second use at the shelter and help the staff care for pets.
  1. Millions of pets wander off each year, unable to find their way back home.  A microchip, along with proper registration can ensure your pet’s safe return in case he becomes lost.  Don’t forget to update YOUR information!
  1. An even greater number of pets are given up to shelters because of behavior issues.  Providing the right sort of training can help you prevent many of these frustrating problems.  Sites like and can help you find the right tools for any behavior issue.
  1. Being prepared for any emergency may not be a flashy gift, but it could save your pet’s life.  Consider pet insurance as one way to help protect your pet from serious illness or injury
  1. You can review many different pet insurance plans and companies at a wide variety of consumer advocate sites.
  1. Other options for being prepared might include a medical line of credit, like CareCredit.  They offer 6 month same as cash financing options for unexpected veterinary expenses.
  1. Many veterinarians now offer gift certificates for preventive healthcare.   This would make a great stocking stuffer for the animal lover in your life!
  1. Most of all, how about giving your pets “the gift of time”…it’s really what matters to them the most.”  Make it a point to spend a little more time with your pets each day.  You will BOTH benefit!
  • Our pets give us so much and ask so little in return.  Ask your veterinarian about ideas to help keep your four legged friend healthy and happy.