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Golden Apple winner, a hero inside and out

Miss Kourtney Liggett, an Army veteran and fifth-grade teacher at Chapelwood Elementary School in Wayne Township, Indianapolis, has been awarded May’s Golden Apple Award for her exceptional work inside and outside the classroom. Known for her innovative teaching methods, Liggett uses Marvel movies to inspire and motivate her students.

Liggett’s motto, “be the model,” encourages her students to lead by example. She believes that each student has the potential to be a superhero in their own lives, and she uses the characters from Marvel movies to teach valuable life lessons. By drawing parallels between the heroic traits displayed by the characters and the qualities needed to succeed in the real world, Liggett creates a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

The Golden Apple Award, presented by WISH-TV, Indiana’s education station, recognizes outstanding teachers for their dedication and impact on students’ lives. As part of the award, Liggett received a trophy, a $500 school supply shopping spree at Teachers’ Treasures, and a special video featuring heartfelt testimonials from her students and colleagues.

Chapelwood Elementary School boasts a talented faculty, but Liggett stands out as a superhero among them. Her unique teaching approach not only captures her students’ attention but also fosters their personal growth and development. By using popular culture references like Marvel movies, she connects with her students on a relatable level, making learning exciting and meaningful.

Miss Kourtney Liggett’s dedication and creativity make her a shining example of an exceptional educator. Her ability to inspire her students and instill important values through the power of storytelling is truly remarkable. Her impact reaches far beyond the classroom walls, shaping the lives of her students and preparing them for a bright future.