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‘Goodnight World’ returns for season 2

Goodnight World returns for season 2

Prepare for a soothing and educational bedtime routine with “Goodnight, World! Season 2.”

In this podcast collaboration between Headspace and Sesame Workshop, children and their families can embark on a journey of meditation and mindfulness techniques to unwind before bedtime.

Hosted by Sesame Street’s very own Gabrielle, each episode features a calming story narrated by various Sesame Street characters, a guided “sleep journey” led by Headspace’s sleepcast readers, and a tranquil soundscape evoking familiar places like Hoopers and the Community Garden on Sesame Street.

Developed by a team of early childhood and mindfulness experts, this series is designed to help children aged 5-8 transition from their active days to restful nights, teaching them essential skills for emotional regulation and success in both school and life.

As mental health becomes increasingly important, Headspace is committed to supporting parents and children in cultivating a healthy relationship with their minds.

“Goodnight, World! Season 2” will be exclusively available on the Headspace app for the first six months before being published on all major podcast platforms, making it accessible to families everywhere.