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Graeter’s Ice Cream releases new bonus flavor

George McPhail, the representative from Graeter’s Ice Cream, took the spotlight to discuss the mouthwatering world of Bonus Flavors. Graeter’s Ice Cream, known for its premium quality and rich flavors, hosts an annual Bonus Flavor campaign that tantalizes taste buds and keeps ice cream lovers eagerly awaiting new creations.

The tradition of Bonus Flavors at Graeter’s Ice Cream began as a way to surprise and delight customers with limited-time offerings that push the boundaries of flavor innovation. Each year, Graeter’s unveils unique and exciting Bonus Flavors alongside their classic lineup, adding a touch of excitement and anticipation to the ice cream experience.

What sets Graeter’s Ice Cream apart from other brands is its commitment to superior quality. They use a small-batch, French pot process to ensure that every scoop is made with the utmost care and attention to detail. This artisanal approach results in ice cream with a creamy texture, luscious flavors, and generous chunks of gourmet ingredients.

As National Ice Cream Month approaches in July, Graeter’s Ice Cream is gearing up to celebrate in style. Stay tuned for a month filled with fun ice cream facts and special promotions to make the summer even sweeter. To learn more about Graeter’s Ice Cream and order their delectable treats, visit their website at For the latest updates, be sure to follow @Graeters on social media. Get ready to indulge in a scoop of delight and savor the tradition of Graeter’s Ice Cream.