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Green’s Lawncare outshines competition with customer service, community outreach, more

There are quite a few things that set Green’s Lawncare apart from their competition, and Matt Green, owner of Green’s Lawncare, joined us Tuesday on “Life.Style.Live!” to share what makes their business special.

When it comes to pest control, they have you covered from the beginning to the end of the season, and if you have a breakthrough they’ll come back and spray again for free. Their techs focus on fertilization, weed control and exterior pest control (perimeter pest control, flea & tick applications and mosquito control).

Green’s Lawn Care is focused on providing the best customer service. They have staff in their office to answer every phone call. They also knock on customer’s doors to let them know we are on their property and to answer all questions. Also, included in your service are rain gauges to help with watering needs. They also focus on education and content delivery to the clients via YouTube videos and emails. Their goal is the best results possible, and Green says that takes teamwork on both sides.

You’re always safe in their team’s hands. Team members are background checked and wear their badge proudly around their necks. It has their photograph on the badge, so you know exactly who is showing up to your house. Many companies will hire just anyone off the street due to the labor crisis, but they are very careful in who they select. 

Their team is also professionally dressed in a collared shirt with a name badge when they arrive. This is for two reasons. One, they want you to know their names as they will be returning multiple times a year. Two, a professional lawn care company that shows up in clean vehicles says something about you as a homeowner to your neighborhood. 

They don’t have sales reps on staff, they have “turf experts.” These individuals are there to answer all your questions and determine what package is correct for you. 

It’s also an organization with an owner who is extremely community oriented. Green’s lawncare sponsors classrooms so teachers have necessary supplies, provides Greencare for troops and partners with the Lawn Mower Project to help young people start their own lawncare businesses.

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