Grocery Shopping & Errands with Kids

Grocery shopping: it something that has to be done one way or another. When a mom (or dad) has the opportunity to go alone, it seems like a luxury. Not everyone has that luxury, and sometimes it’s actually a great way to spend some quality time with your kids.

Indy With Kids’ Jennifer Lear, also known on the Indy with Kids team as “Fortville Mama,” shares all of the best places to get your grocery shopping done without torturing your kids…or making you frazzled!

Stores with Shopping Carts for the Kids

Fresh Thyme, Trader Joes & Whole Foods are all great places for shopping if your child loves pushing their own cart around. Let them use their cart to help you select items, especially produce and items you purchase especially for their meals. Looking for the carts with a plastic car attached for kids to ride in? The Market District and some Home Depot and Kroger stores have these. The steering wheels and squeaker horns help keep them happier longer.Other Perks and Fun for Kid Shoppers:

The Market District (11505 N Illinois St, Carmel)

Little Shopper’s Treat Card program: $1 per child annually: allows children to pick up a treat while they are shopping. Choose a cookie from the bakery, a fresh piece of fruit or cheese from the deli

Coming soon: classes and events for kids and families

Family brunch in the restaurant

Fresh Thyme (Several Indy area locations)

Small red tractor hidden in the store with a reward for kids who find it

Make your own peanut butter & almond butter

Large bulk item area, let your kids create trail mixes and fruit and nut mixes Produce at a low level for kids to help select

Whole Foods (Several Indy area locations)

Kid friendly and family friendly recipes and menu planning resources

Food and cooking classes for kids, some are free

Meijer (Many Indy area locations)

Sandy, the famous penny pony ride

Bakery often will give a free cookie to children

Samples of the deli meats and cheeses

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