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Halloween Treats with Annesa Chumbley

Halloween Char-Boo-Terie Board

Halloween is just seven days away! Annessa Chumbley, a nutrition expert and registered dietician, visited “Life.Style.Live!” today to get us ready for the spooky holiday. Annessa’s creation today was called a “Char-Boo-Terie Board” also known as a “Scare-Coo-Terie Board.” Instead of cold cuts, this charcuterie board is filled with sweet treats made from Splenda, a zero calorie sweetener and sugar alternative.

“As a parent this time of year feels like sugar season, it starts now until the end of the year,” Chumbley said. Splenda allows Chumbley and her family to continue enjoying and baking sweets in a healthier way.

One of Chumbley’s creations today was a pumpkin spice cake, a delicate fluffy cake with autumn spices including cinnamon and pumpkin. The cake mixture is made with Splenda so it cuts the sugar but keeps the sweetness flavor. The final touch to the cake is Splenda-made frosting with a cinnamon stick to represent the pumpkin stem!

Next on the Halloween treat list is Red velvet eyeballs, a fun treat made from cake and icing. The cake and icing are a “better for you” treat made with Splenda. This is a fun recipe to do with family and friends because it can get messy! The cake mixture is mixed by hand and then rolled up into small cake pops. The cake pops are then frozen and ready to decorate to your liking. A fun way to get your creative side out!

Our final treat on the “Char-Boo-Terie Board” are Matcha Witch Fingers. These are deliciously disgusting cookies made using green matcha powder. The fingers are made from Splenda dough. The dough must be rolled out and shaped out “boney” with a dent made for the fingernail. The fingernails are then represented with sliced almonds. A fun treat on the go!

This “Char-Boo-Terie Board” is not only a great party favor but a great way to be creative with family and friends. These spooky treats are all “Better for you” alternatives. With Splenda there is no need to worry about the extreme sugar intake that happens with typical Halloween treats!