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Helping queasy kids when traveling

Helping queasy kids when traveling

With Thanksgiving just around the corner and the busiest travel week of the year approaching, parents often find themselves dealing with the stress of traffic and the potential challenge of a child experiencing car sickness.

On November 14th, Pediatrician and Social Media Star Dr. Mona Amin will shed light on the factors contributing to kids feeling queasy during travel, as revealed in a new Mazda car sickness survey.

She will provide valuable insights to help parents prevent car sickness and offer tips for ensuring comfort if queasiness strikes, even when traveling in the third row of spacious SUVs like the all-new CX-90.

Additionally, Dr. Amin will address the concerns of traveling families, especially those in two-row and three-row SUVs, based on the recent Mazda survey findings, offering solutions to alleviate car sickness nightmares and make holiday journeys more pleasant for everyone.