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How a doula can help women feel empowered through pregnancy

Now more than ever women are facing issues with infertility as well as navigating labor and delivery.

Lauren Crum, owner of Guided Connections, has found that there just aren’t enough resources available to support women through these sacred times. She joined us Wednesday on “Life.Style.Live!” to discuss how as a doula, she focuses on helping women from preconception to postpartum with the resources they need.

She says her goal is to help women feel empowered as they navigate pregnancy, labor/delivery, and postpartum.  

In addition to her Biology degree from Indiana University, she has completed several certifications and courses tailored to fertility and hormone coaching, childbirth education and doula services. Her hope is to be able to offer her unique skill set while increasing awareness in the Indianapolis area.  

Crum says the problem she runs into is that there simply isn’t enough education about what a doula does, how impactful childbirth education classes can be (way more in-depth than what a hospital will usually offer) and options to increase fertility and balance hormones using lifestyle changes.  

She also says there are so many things that can be done prior to labor and delivery to help things move more efficiently while decreasing the risk of cesareans.

Crum’s goal is to shift women out of fear and more into faith when it comes to trusting their bodies during birth.  

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