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Holiday World introduces new family roller coaster, summer attractions

Holiday World Good Gravy! rollercoaster

Families have flocked to Santa Claus, Indiana, for generations to enjoy the attractions at Holiday World. This year, the park is adding to its legacy with the introduction of a new ride, “Good Gravy!” Leah Koch-Blumhardt, a representative from Holiday World, shared details about the ride’s creation and what visitors can expect.

“Good Gravy!” is located in the Thanksgiving section of Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari. “It started as a joke among our team,” Koch-Blumhardt said. “What if we built a ride with gravy boats as the vehicles? The idea took off from there.”

Riders will board a giant gravy boat-shaped train, ascend a tall hill backward, and travel through a giant cranberry sauce can, around various oversized kitchen accessories, before reversing back through the same route.

Koch-Blumhardt emphasized the inclusivity of the new ride. “The height requirement is 38 inches for kids accompanied by an adult, roughly around three years old. My four-year-old niece loves it,” she said. “We want to build rides that families can enjoy together.”

As the weather warms up, the adjacent water park, one of the premier water parks in the country, is expected to draw large crowds. “We love hearing the screams and sounds of fun in the park,” Hart mentioned. “We always recommend a two-day visit because there’s so much to enjoy.”

For those planning extended stays, Holiday World offers several lodging options. “Lake Rudolph, our next-door neighbor, has campgrounds and more,” Koch-Blumhardt said. Information on accommodations can be found at

Starting June 22, visitors can enjoy the “Holidays in the Sky” drone show, featuring 500 drones creating holiday-themed animations. “It makes staying overnight even more exciting,” Koch-Blumhardt added.

Holiday World continues to offer free amenities, including sunscreen, soft drinks, and parking, adding value for families. “With the current economic pressures, anything we can do to provide value is important,” Koch-Blumhardt said.

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