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Hoosier BBQ Classic, Indiana’s largest BBQ competition

The Hoosier BBQ Classic, organized by Dan Skaggs, is set to take place from June 9-11 at the Johnson County Fairgrounds in Franklin, Indiana.

As the fourth year of organizing this state BBQ Contest, the event aims to bring together fifty professional BBQ competition teams, making it the largest BBQ competition in Indiana.

The competition attracts teams from across the nation, and even a professional certified judge from Australia will be in attendance.

Anthony Minderman, a pit master, joined us live in the studio Tuesday morning to discuss all things BBQ including the temperatures at which various cuts of meat are cooked, the best cuts of meat to use, cooking durations for each amount, the best type of smoker for home use, secrets to cooking great BBQ, preferred wood for smoking, and so much more!

For backyard BBQ enthusiasts, Skaggs could offer a valuable piece of advice. Whether it’s about honing their skills, trying new techniques, or experimenting with flavors, the insight from an experienced organizer like Skaggs can be invaluable.

Interested individuals can visit the event’s website at for more information about the Hoosier BBQ Classic.