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How Indianapolis played an instrumental role in getting flag football in the Olympics

Flag Football to make Olympic debut in 2028

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)- In 2028 Los Angeles will host the Summer Olympics. It will also be the first time that flag football is played in Olympic competition.

When the news was announced many sports fans were ecstatic to see American football get some sort of recognition on the world state. Perhaps nobody was more excited than the teams at USA Football.

USA Football is the governing body of the sport here in the United States. The main office happens to be located in Indianapolis.

Eric Mays is the Managing Director of the USA Football National Teams. He says the process to get flag football into the Olympics began about three years ago.

USA Football, a member of the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee, and the U.S. representative to the International Federation of American Football (IFAF), is the only organization responsible for selecting and leading the U.S. National Teams. 

Now, the process will begin to get the National teams selected. Mays says the search will be opened up and eventually players will tryout for the chance to represent team USA.

Flag football is played by different rules than what you may watch on Sundays.

The first glaring difference is obviously it’s not tackle. Instead, defenders must rip off flags from the ball carrier’s hip area. But beyond that there are some major differences.

The sport is played five on five. There are no offensive lines blocking for the quarterback.

Also, the field is just 50 yards and not as wide as a traditional field.

Mays says the high energy fast pacing of the sport will resonate well with viewers.